Literary Services

Literary Services

Pile of BooksI am thorough to the point of perfectionism and known for my ability to communicated complicated ideas in simple language.

I bring with me graduate and undergraduate honours degrees from London and Cambridge, a certification from the British Council for teaching English as a foreign language, skills taught on courses from The Publishing Training Centre and many years of experience writing, editing, correcting and providing professional comment on writing of all kinds.

How It Works

In an email, describe what project you are working on and what kind of editorial service you would like. You'll then receive an email with an estimate of the cost and the time it will take to deliver.

Types of literary services:

Copy-editing and Proofreading

Fees are calculated per hour, not per page. Fewer errors result in lower costs. This includes e-book editing. Email me, ask anything.

Manuscript Mentoring

Having produced, polished and published and having studied and taught on creative writing courses, I have confidently mentored writers and even textbook editors with their projects. Email here.
Manuscript Appraisals

You might have already received comments on your work from an editor.
You might just be looking for a fresh pair of eyes to make sure your
work is as good as it can be. Whichever the case, feel free to email me.


You are busy.
I am a professional writer and editor.
You have an idea.
Email me and it'll be delivered.
Collaboration makes it happen.

Literary Services Copy-editing Proofreading Manuscript Mentoring Manuscript Appraisals Reader Reports Advice on Pitching Pitching Ghostwriting

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Alaskan raised, Cornish-Jewish, Belgium-based author and illustrator Tamar Levi has spent her life triangulated between desk, bookshelf and easel.Beginning by writing and illustrating whilst studying in London and Cambridge, Tamar also consulted for a leading multinational company. She's now come full circle, back to where she belongs, writing and illustrating again.


Send me your message using Contact form. Alternatively you can email me on tamarmagan[at]gmail.com.