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I've been writing, editing, illustrating and painting for a while now and used to share my projects on a different platform but this is my new site. It's a budding flower bed. I hope to be better at updating it all for you. Plus I want to plant lots of new ideas here. Do let me know about your projects, anything that relates to paintings you want to see in the world, publishing soirees, arty farty events and writerly groups. Comments are warmly welcome. 

Yours Truly,


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Alaskan raised, Cornish-Jewish, Belgium-based author and illustrator Tamar Levi has spent her life triangulated between desk, bookshelf and easel.Beginning by writing and illustrating whilst studying in London and Cambridge, Tamar also consulted for a leading multinational company. She's now come full circle, back to where she belongs, writing and illustrating again.


Send me your message using Contact form. Alternatively you can email me on tamarmagan[at]gmail.com.