Nigerian Wedding Painting

Nigerian Wedding Painting

Emeka and Omons Wedding by Tamar Levi
Eep! My painting has been entered for the Portrait Awards! The National Gallery is a big part of London. For me, September is never September without attending the BP Portrait Awards. And I’ve always hoped to be confident enough to enter.

Then my friend Emeka married a real life princess and together Emeka & Omon now make people’s homes beautiful and I’ve done my best to capture their own beauty with speed and dynamic strokes of richly layered oil.

The bride is at the heart of the wedding, so the paint I used for Omon’s face and body has a bronze pigment; now she glows from the canvas and shimmers as you walk past.

They are about to have their first dance. The emphasis here is on the moment before the movement of the dance. The shy smile of the bride. The grin on the groom. The celebration of the guests behind them. It’s not photorealism, it’s not a seated portrait, the context is the warm ritual not the usual studio and I’m only an early career artist, but I’m hoping the living, breathing, vibrancy and liveliness and joy in colours and content count in it’s favour.

I’ve won prizes before, for oils, illustrations and photography. If this portrait doesn’t make it then I can at least look forward to my very first rejection from such a very prestigious gallery along the happy road of painting many paintings and entering many competitions.

Now, to crack on with the next…


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Materials: This item was created with oil paints on hand-primed hardwood. It is presented with a soft white mat mount, outlined with an attractive black wood box frame and protected by glass. Supplied with hanger and strut back by Jackson's Framing, London.

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Emeka and Omon's Wedding London
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Tamar Levi


Alaskan raised, Cornish-Jewish, Belgium-based author and illustrator Tamar Levi has spent her life triangulated between desk, bookshelf and easel.Beginning by writing and illustrating whilst studying in London and Cambridge, Tamar also consulted for a leading multinational company. She's now come full circle, back to where she belongs, writing and illustrating again.


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