Lesson plan support and educational theory is explained throughout The If Odysseyby author Peter Worley as readers use stories from Homer’s Odyssey to stimulate philosophic dialogue in contemporary classrooms. This is the second book in The Philosophy Foundation‘s flagship series.
Using my undergrad philosophy background, my intimate knowledge of the original text, sourcing foundational designs on archaic pottery from the British Museum and basing characters on modern Greeks in my social circle, I got down and dirty with the grain quality of a variety of papers and the various depths of black inks for this project. Altogether, I put my classic pen and ink style to an accessible interpretation of the ancient Greeks and their epic adventures.
Not only was I honoured to be involved in this project but I got double honours by receiving a round of applause in the British Museum. A book launch in the British Museum? Being applauded? By publishing and educational professionals, academics, journalists, family and fine art curators? Couldn’t help but feel this little girl from Alaska has come a long way!
From tri-heritage roots through a labyrinthine professional route to a union based on creativity, philosophy and globalisation, one might call my journey a particularly modern odyssey. Thus I identified with this book and illustrated it with all my heart.
After a warm philosophic discussion session, Peter Worley revealed to the whole room that my partner was Odysseus (when you have a bearded Greek model to hand, you use what you’ve got at home).
We moved to the grandiose sandstone lounge and I revealed in a whisper to interested parties that our Greek friends provide the most entertaining models as they’re already named after ancient characters. For example, in this book Menelaos Prokos featured as Menelaos King of Sparta (Helen of Troy’s cuckolded husband). In the end, I embraced author Peter Worley. We were all delighted to accompany an ancient Odysseus to the modern bookshelf.

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