My Autism Book is a carefully illustrated picture book that helps parents to explain an autism diagnosis to their child in a sensitive, positive and accurate way. When a child is diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) parents often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to communicate the diagnosis to their child.

This book is designed to be read with the child as a simple introduction to their diagnosis. Written by a doctor and a children’s author, the book is tailored precisely to the needs and experiences of the child with ASD aged 5  and up. It explains what an autism diagnosis means and encourages an exploration of the child’s likely strengths and differences using clear language that speaks directly to the child. The colourful pictures throughout show how the world looks from the child’s perspective and the book ends with a summary checklist to encourage the child to record and discuss how autism affects them.

Concept, design and illustration by Tamar Levi. 
Co-authored by Dr. Gloria Dura-Vila and Tamar Levi.


You can buy this book directly from Jessica Kingsley Publishing or for deliveries within the UK. For global deliveries you can buy this book from

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