Like all the books in the award winning Philosophy Foundation Book Series, this edition is a beautiful hardback book with content that is tried and tested in the classroom. 

Provocations is a set of philosophy sessions designed for secondary school and predicated on pedagogical methods. These sessions are mature and challenging, exploring (amongst other things), Wagner and desire, Shakespeare and madness, Joan of Arc and gender, Faust and temptation, Nostradamus and time. They span the curriculum and provide an opportunity for teachers across a range of subjects to introduce a philosophical approach to their lessons. There are tips and suggestions throughout on how to use the book in the classroom. There is also an extensive reading list for those who wish to explore the topics in greater depth, as well as an introduction to basic logic and guidelines to help students write their own sessions. 

Author: David Birch. Illustrator: Tamar Levi. 

Provocations was shortlisted for the Educational Resources Award 2015 in the Secondary non-ICT section. 

Review of Provocations by Michelle Sowey of The Philosophy Club
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