My Solo Art Show for the European Parliament’s Feminist Forum

A quick video, just a minute from my speech at the European Parliament’s Feminist Forum with reactions & testimonies from viewers.

Below you can find the text from the short video and credit to all the people involved.

Tamar Levi – Artist:

You know who these women are!

Somebody cooked your meals

Somebody wiped your bottom

Somebody cleaned your house

Everyone on these walls is someone who has worked for others

They may not be famous

They may not be familiar

But they should be celebrated.

They are the invisible labour made visible.

The style that I apply is the continuous line style I don’t lift my brush off the paper I don’t lift my pen off the paper I work in one continuous line Some journalists have called it The Single Line Method.

To me it’s about continuity.

I want to dedicate this entire collection

To my grandmother

She passed away this week…

She taught me to fight for other women

And fight for my education…

Sandra Pereira – GUENGL MEP – PCP – Portugal:

We would like to thank Tamar Levi for this exhibition.

It was really a very good idea. And it was a great contribution to the event. The event became richer because of the pictures, because of her explanation of the images. It was really really good to have you here. Thank you so much.

Ewa Espling – Politician – Activist – Sweden – Vänsterpartist:

It was absolutely the exhibition I wanted to see! And the theme of the exhibition about us women Together, and how we depend on each other It was incredibly beautiful. Went straight into my heart. Thank you!

Tamar Levi – Artist:

This is Women’s Day 2020 & “20/20” in English means “Clear Vision” So for you here today These are 20 visionary women For Women’s Day 2020 Thank you!

Video: Vasileios Katsardis/Olivier Hansen

Les Femmes et La Revolution Event Organiser: Charlotte Balavoine

Curator: Green Door Gallery

Artwork: Brush & Acrylic Black Ink, Watercolour Paper

Portrait References: Sarah Levi, Grandmother, Teacher, Union Representative Dalia Aviv Levi, Sister, Aunt Grace Ketty Cardon, School Founder & Director Bhushavali Natarajan, Parent, Friend, Eco-Fashion designer & Heritage Travel Blogger Vaia Vaena and Christina, Friend, Parent, Lawyer Linguist & The Future Meghan Sinnott, Lifelong Friend Elena Kountoura, Member of European Parliament, Parent, Former Minister of Tourism, Model & Athlete Christina Abood, Mother, Friend, Mirth-maker, Lawyer Joana Xhemali, Feminist Killjoy & Stop Gap Child Care Provider Athanasia Katsigianni Sandra Hodzic, Friend, Parent, Journalist Naomi Lee Gal Gal Porat, Cousin, Friend Dr. Vanessa Katsardi, Sister-in-Law & Professor of Engineering Aneta Safaryn, Friend & Home Keeping Support Helen O’Sullivan-Tyrrell, Artist, Friend, Curator Ahu Yigit, Parent, Friend & Photographer Margaret Joyce Sweet, First Time Great-Grandmother, Women’s Land Army (WWII) & Timber Corps Anna Giannopappa and Chryssa, “Koumbara” (Best Woman in Greek Tradition), Parent, Friend Athanasia Delistamati, Evgenia Delistamati & Tova Niovi Levi Katsardi, Cousins Reading “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls” Dr. Bona Selimaj, Paediatric Doctor, Parent, Friend Giannoula Katsigianni, Great-Grandmother, Resistance Member, Business Enterprise Founder Eliza Sfyra, Dancer, Book Lover, Engineer, Godmother Michele Lalić, Parent, Friend, Nonprofit Professional Nina Lucija Lalić and John Larimer, The Future & Her Grandfather Beata Szypcio, Friend, Parent, House Keeper Support Silvia Anna Ratzersdorfer, Friend, Co-Author, Art Historian Sofia Sereti, Child Care Provider, Friend Mathilde Borcard, Therapist, Trauma Activist, Body Worker, Community Builder Athanasia Katsigianni, Grandmother, Mother-in-Law, Business Director Konstandinka Kouneva, Friend, Parent, Former MEP, Union Leader, Disabilities Activist Solly Elstein, Fairy Godmother, Fairy Goddaughter, Linguist, Global Citizen Sarah Ironside, Be Kind, Be Happy Eleana Ziakou, Friend, Parent, Literary Translator Efthimia Eleftheria Fotou, Friend, Child Care Support, Policy Maker

Panel Speakers:

Ewa Espling, Politician, Activist, Sweden, Vänsterpartist Sandra Pereira, Eurodeputee, Portugal, Coordinatrice FEMM pour GUE-NGL Sira Rego, Eurodeputee espagne, Vice-presidente de la GUE-NGL Saliha Boussedra, Docteure en philosophie d l’universite de Strasbourg Francoise De Smedt, deputee Bruxelloise, membre de la commission femmes du PTB Jule Goikoetxea, Professeure a l’Universite du Pays-Basque Pernando Barrena, eurodepute du Pays-Basque Pierrette Pape, directrice d’Isala, coordinatrice de #GenerationAbolition, Belgique Maite Lonne, survivante, autrice, militante, Belgique Pascale Rouges, survivante, militante, Belgique Marie Merklinger, survivante, militante, Allemagne Anne Darbes, survivante, autrice de “Le Visage de l’Autre,” France Malin Bjork, eurodeputee, Suede Anne Mejias De Haro, Juriste, syndicaliste CGT Carine Rosteleur, infirmiere, secretaire regionale CGSP sur le mouvement des “Blouses Blancs” Belgique Alba de Vincente Barbero: greve generale en Espagne le 8 mars. Oihana Etxebarrieta, membre du Parlement autonome basque Notopoulou Aikaterini SYRIZA, deputee, region de Thessalonique Irini Agathopoulou Member of Parliament, SYRIZA Concert Manou Gallo- la reine de l’Afro Groove

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