In the Press: Profile in a Major Newspaper

One of the biggest and greatest Greek newspapers, Efimerida Syndakton published an article about me!

Translation to English: An exhibition entitled “IMMENSITIES” at the Art Base Gallery in Brussels opening September 24 by the painter and author of children’s books Tamar Levi.

The exhibition “IMMENSITIES” is a collection of great landscapes of Greece and Belgium and, as the author states, “Although my life between Greece and Belgium is a” permanent journey,” there are no boundaries in this collection.”

According to her, “What I want to share with the world is that Greece is beautiful and this does not only concern its most famous sights (Santorini, Acropolis, etc).”

Tamar Levi has painted several popular destinations, but also many “remote” parts of the mainland and islands and villages in colors that the viewer may not expect, from perspectives she wants the world to explore.

The exhibition includes large paintings, a monoprint but also small sketches in watercolor and acrylic from the painter’s sketchbooks. The monoprint in particular was inspired by a series of sketches she painted during a deeply emotional and moving journey to the Kalavrita Holocaust memorial.

“I feel like an ambassador of Greek art,” she says, as our country inspires her art and her art inspires people to visit Greece and its hidden beauties.

Tamar Levi grew up in Alaska, lives in Belgium and has “married” into Greece. More about her and her work here:

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