Visitors’ Testimonies

Here are some of the lovely things people said about the art yesterday that warmed my heart, or made me smile and will keep me motivated to keep making art for you:

“YES! YES! YES! That is EXACTLY how that place FEELS!”

Huge painting of Naxos Island, Greece
Naxos, Greece 100x100cm (39.3×39.3in)IMMENSITIES Collection 

“I can feel the sun on the back of my neck when I look at this one.”

“Could I buy a print of this one that is already sold? Even though it’s not the original painting, the feeling I get is always authentic.”

“There’s something mystical in your use of light.”

“I feel like I could take many different walks in many different directions through these landscapes.”

“This view is where my partner proposed just a few weeks ago!”

Santorini, Greece Watercolour Painting

“I like that you used unexpected colours.”

“Wonderful paintings – so vibrant, alive and full of feeling!”

“I didn’t expect to see Greece and Belgium with these colours.”

On the Road Through Mani

“Your prices are really accessible, thank you. I couldn’t afford original art otherwise.”

“There’s something in the atmosphere of light between the trees that reminds me of the person I’ve started dating and falling in love with right now.”

Parc du Cinquantenaire or Jubelpark in Autumn, by Tamar Levi

“Very happy to be here.”

“Amazing work.”

“I’ve been on a pedalo in that lake! You should’ve painted me in a boat right there!”

Painting of Étangs Mellaerts in Brussels Belgium

“Thank you for these so personal colorful landscapes.”

“Thank you for this trip into the happiness of art!”

“These paintings are both feminine and masculine.”

Huge landscape painting of Tervuren in the Autumn in Belgium.
Tervuren (Autumn), Belgium 75.5×113.5cm (29.7×44.6in) FRAMED €1200 Buy now. Contact me to discuss art shipment. Shipping costs excluded. 

“Painting on the frames is really unique and exciting.”

“I love all the tree ones. I’m a trees guy.”

“You saw lots of colours in this place, you see a lot of the colours because you’re an artist, but I just see an excellent place for me to ride my motorcycle and have one of my greatest rides.”

“I would arrange them in my home in this way…”

“I need to bring back my wife before I buy because she is the boss.”

“I need to bring back my husband before I buy to check he enjoys it too.”

“I need to bring back my child tomorrow so you can inspire them the way you inspired me.”

The exhibition is on until November 2020.

IMMENSITIES Art Show: Art Base, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles

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