Testimonies (Must Remember the Kind Words)

I must remember the kind words during the long months of making art in isolation. Otherwise, the critical thinking takes over.

“Finally I found what I’ve been looking for all this time in Brussels. This painting is my gift to myself to remember a 20 year career here.” ~ Karin

“It was the most exciting outing I have had!! I loved hearing the stories behind the paintings. But most of all I was happy to finally see you after following your journey of your art through social media. My friend [name] is an art lover and was so thrilled that I invited her. Looking forward to receiving the link to the prints. [Name] and I were already discussing where I would put them in my house…”

Some of the visitor’s book got illustrated with lots of love for my paintings and even a suspicious looking “dolphin.”

Meet up groups left very positive reviews online

“Beautiful, Tamar you’re a real artist.”

“Thanks for the immense Naxos joy that you’ve provided for my birthday and beyond! Looking forward to more amazing art from you!!”

“Wow! I don’t know how you do it all…”

“It was quite an emotional experience.”

Some comments were sketches: portraits by little artists… of me!

It’s like looking in a mirror!

Some of these comments were shared in the gallery, some online and some illustrated in the gallery’s visitor book by the youngest art appreciators yet.

“[T]he painting is You! whats been sold was just a small part of your beautiful heart that will simply regenerate and create more love. like a beautiful vine tree.” ~Vicky Anastasiou

“…it’s amazing, your very best art work! Keep going! Really enchanted from these journeys you took me…”

“The paintings have a thrilling effect. I felt goosebumps myself, and then goosebumps again, standing next to the art collector who was getting goosebumps herself. I could feel the visceral connection she had with the painting.” ~ Viktoryia

“…it was magical to feel that part of me and life”

“…[A]n enchanting journey… full of emotions and positive vibrations…”

“Wonderful,” ~Stella Gadona

“Thanks to you for finding that inspiration…”

“I love how much joy it brings and the colour palette you use is so filled with sun and warmth,” ~ Cherine

“Tamar Levi’s exhibition is absolutely awesome and unique!! I enjoyed it!!!” ~Nadia

So many lovely page mentions and shares too, e.g. comedian extraordinaire Lila Stambouloglou:

Some comments were from faraway. They continue to remind me that friendship love and support knows no boundaries.

Gallery visitors whispered things that will keep me motivated to paint more.

“This one makes me feel very deeply,” ~Agita

There’s even a surprise in the visitor’s book. A page illustrated with great talent by another artist, (sadly left unsigned). A portrait of me which appears to appreciate more than my art.

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