Interview for Arty Party Podcast

Today I was interviewed by Viktoryia Sinkovec for episode one of her exciting new podcast called ARTY PARTY. We discussed art and drank tea. (Get it? Art Tea Party?) I’ll share the podcast here when it gets released.

Viktoryia is a Belarussian in Belgium, multilingual mother/lawyer/yogini/journalist and art lover. Well, she corrected me, lover in general!

We talked about the arts in Europe, my upcoming live art performance for TEDx. Viktoryia gave me some fantastic breathing techniques to help calm stage fright.

These breathing techniques provided some much needed art therapy for the artist, here.

We had a delicious tea party and a good giggle about her big black microphone.

While we were recording her doorbell rang with a delivery of art supplies!

A great opportunity to do a couple of portraits of her in action.

I did not know she was recording this timelapse video while we were recording a podcast, while I was painting her portrait, while we were drinking tea.

An Arty Party, indeed.

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