All the Numbers Except the Important Ones

Ready for some crazy artist stuff?

I started this DELPHI project when I was 23. (I’m 37 now.)

I’ve researched it for months and years in the British Library in London & written it as an 18 chapter young adult novel (for ages 9-12), re-designed it as a graphic novel (12-18) in Berlin, and for the last two years in Brussels developed it as a live continuous line art performance with live classical music for kids (ages 9-18). I carried all my materials across 5 country moves and copy-edited countless digital drafts and scripts, (maybe 80 versions?), storyboarded like a maniac as you can see (60 versions and counting).

The original trailer took approximately 5-7 rehearsals (?) was 6 minutes long (violin by @EugeneFeygelson), the current trailer is at 10 minutes (flute by @KalliopiBolinvou) and we are now on our 3rd rehearsal of this new collaboration.

The first gallery to feature this show was Clique Art (in 2018) and the current event will be for TEDx (2020) with view towards a possible third performance of the next chapter (in Sept 2021) for Art Base (?).

I don’t know how many pens I’ve worn down to their nub and how many markers have dried up all their ink. Started out with black ink pens, Uniball Vision Elite, and ended up with Sharpie Fine Points (such a lovely true black), but will probably have to start using their W10s (lesser true black) because the bigger audience needs to be able to see the line better.

My first fans were friends and my mother. The current fans are just under 2300 heads. The live audience expanded to 700 people but due to Covid19 is now down to 250, but still need to see more clearly from the back of a much bigger auditorium than the original audience which was sized around (+/-) 75 humans.

This is what a non-digital work in progress looks like, people. I’m not sure how an artist fits in this post-pandemic new normal, or how they ever fit in this ridiculous world in the first place, or why this world encourages the fine arts but refuses to value them… but this is what it looks like to stick with a strong creative vision (for all its flaws) with stubborn mule-like dedication to your chosen art (for as long as it takes)….


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