Delphi in Schools

Did we ever share these images from our theatre/music and art workshop in a local school back in March?

Update: different combinations of the production team have had a performance for TEDx, residencies in two theatres, an art gallery, a cultural centre and a school so far and it’s only been an actor, an actress, me and a flute or violin player. It’s been performed in English and we’ve just finished the French translation. The school workshop was incredible. Look at my smile when the kid tries the continuous line style himself!

If you’d like us to visit your kid’s school, let us know 🙂

We’re also discussing adding a choreographer, a digital animator and some traditional drums. If you know anyone who dances or does digital animation or loves drums, or all three, let me know!

Theatre Production Title:


Production Company:

Kaleidoscope asbl

Music by

Kalliopi Bolovinou

French Performance by

Olivier Francart

Photos and Videos by

Vasilis Katsardis

Illustration Style:


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