Alaskan raised, Cornish-Jewish, Brussels based author and illustrator Tamar Levi has spent her life between desk, bookshelf and easel.

Beginning by writing and illustrating whilst studying in London and Cambridge, Tamar also consulted for a leading multinational company. She’s now come full circle, back to where she belongs, writing and painting again. Her wildly popular artworks are described as virtuosic and dynamic.

In her own words:

“My art is positive when colourful,

minimalist zen when black and white,

most of all it aims to be uplifting.

In a way it’s not about my art,

it’s about the happiness the art brings to a home.”

Alongside the sell-out art shows and award winning illustrated books, Tamar also won an award for research on her PhD in English and Creative Writing. She has provided exciting art performances, art mentoring and makes painted gifts by commission for invitations, live events and especially enjoys immortalising peoples’ loved ones in art.

As an art coach she has explained how works of art work to art pupils and worked hard to solve your art cravings.

Upcoming exhibitions

  • March 2020 “Immensities” – Art Base, Brussels, Belgium
  • March 2020 “Misfits – Dare to be different” – TedxULB, Brussels, Belgium

Previous exhibitions


  • 2019 “Great Minds” – Green Door Gallery in Brussels, Belgium
  • 2018 Performance of Delphi + exhibition of selected works – CliqueArt in Brussels, Belgium


  • 2017 exhibition of selective works featuring Greek landscapes and commission of the promotional – European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

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