Continuous, single line drawings

“Great Minds” is a solo exhibition of my continuous, single-line portraits of the greatest minds in history–philosophers, authors, poets, scientists and scholars–which took place at The Green Door Gallery in Brussels, Belgium in March 2019.

You know by now that the human being behind the written word inspires my art! I paint a lot of Philosophers! I celebrate Poets, Activists, Feminists, Revolutionaries and Folklorists. Even if I don’t agree with them, its clear their characters, identities, histories, these micro-level personal dynamics, are undercurrents we engage with deep inside their often meta-level literature. Then, they time travel! We bring these minds forward from history and apply their ideologies to our thinking, the macro-level application to our everyday lives. Their characters are simultaneously private and public. Private to us as their thoughts interact with our fundamental actions, thus they are ever contemporary and present tense. Public to us as deeply foundational to this world which their cultural contributions have already historically shaped. Their portraits are both solid persons, and symbolically thematic. They are akin to family that have made us.

You can access the exhibition catalogue here.



Books I’ve illustrated (and some I co-authored as well)

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