Andy Warhol

My continuous line portrait of ANDY WARHOL.

The technique I’m applying is the single line ink method & that has nothing to do with Warhol. It’s rooted in classical realism. However, the subjects I engage with are cultural figures, the great minds that continue to influence my world view. Warhol was the first to open this door. He was the first to say popular subjects could be part of the artist’s palatte. I identify with mostly traditional art methods, so I’ve battled with the fact that I must engage with modern themes when referencing across generations of portraiture to create contemporary single line works. For example, even though my subjects are cerebral celebrities, there is an element of celebrity, if only as celebrated minds. In this way, that exchange between my roots in classical drawing and my inspiration in celebrated figures, that exchange is fundamentally validated by a basis in Andy Warhol’s Pop Art movement.

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Handmade item
Materials: Inks, textured paper
Ships worldwide from Brussels, Belgium
As featured in my exhibition, “Great Minds” at the Green Door Gallery in Brussels, Belgium.