Ru Paul / Mama Ru

“You were born naked and the rest is drag,” ~RuPaul

I was never much into dressing up. And then, since becoming a mother, I’ve stopped wearing make up and heels altogether. I’ve lost something. A certain sexual posture, a sway in my walk, a mask of feminine presentation to project through hyperfeminine lips and hyperfeminine eyelashes. I’ve wondered whether I can re-learn the FUN behind all that through the techniques of female impersonation. I’m looking to learn from drag queens such as RuPaul, (in my continuous line portrait here, staring you down as Mama Ru), the seminal person who has taken the fundamental text of “Paris is Burning” and made it mainstream. I’m asking around where I can find a performance space and, with the guidance of female impersonator friends of friends, re-engage with the creative joy in performing gender.

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Handmade item
Materials: Inks, textured paper
Ships worldwide from Brussels, Belgium
As featured in my exhibition, “Great Minds” at the Green Door Gallery in Brussels, Belgium.