Sitting at the Right Table

Feeling really appreciated to be the author, the playwright, sitting at the table, consulting on the translation of my children’s theatre play *Delphi* for Belgian audiences. Here is the radiant actress and the virtuosic musician, discussing what wording needs to be tweaked when moving from English to French.

For example, yesterday I learnt that “lifting the veil” means “I’m pulling up my sails and I’m leaving” in French. Some phrases are sayings that need to be reverted to as close to their original meaning as possible.

It’s such a privilege to be paid to sit at this table with these professionals. To be asked with great sincerity what is the truth at the core of the script that I wrote. I feel I’m sitting exactly where I need to be.


Cécile Delberghe

Kalliopi Bolovinou the Kaleidoscope production team.

“Realigning the stars that were singing out of key.”

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