Alaskan raised, Cornish-Jewish, Brussels based author and illustrator Tamar Levi has spent her life between desk, bookshelf and easel.

I specialise in continuous, single line drawings; sweeping landscapes as well as illustrations.

“Uniquely combining contemporary contour drawing with pen and ink illustration methods and layering that approach on top a firm foundation of art history awareness, Tamar Levi’s pen and ink technique both grounds her artwork in traditional portraiture while showcasing a dynamic talent. Her resulting continuous line drawings are prolific, virtuosic and wildly popular.”

Helen O’Sullivan-Tyrrell, Artist and Owner of the Green Door Gallery

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Let me capture a moment, personality, place for you.
I work in multiple mediums (aquarelle, pen and ink, permanent marker, acrylic & oils) on canvas, paper, greeting cards, etc.

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I have exhibited my art at a number of galleries and spaces across Europe.

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Educated in London and Cambridge, Tamar has published as an author, illustrator and editor of multiple award-winning books designed for families, classrooms and doctors. Her prized artwork is highly collectable, commissioned by private investors, sold at private auction and exhibited in galleries around Europe.

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March 2020

  • “Immensities” @ Art Base (Brussels, BE)
  • “Immensities” @ TedxULB (Brussels, BE)