Due to popular demand my ‘Great Minds’ art exhibition has been extended at the Green Door Gallery (21, Rue Murillo, Brussels 1000, Belgium)!

Updated schedule:
11-4pm Today 26/3, Thursday 28/3, Friday 29/3, Saturday 30/3 and Sunday 31/3 2-6pm, as well as by private appointment by contacting the Green Door directly through their website:

In the meantime, checkout a short clip from opening night on 22/3.


You are warmly invited to the inaugural exhibition of a new art gallery in Brussels! My artwork represented in “the smallest gallery w the most gravitas” in Brussels: THE GREEN DOOR. 

I will be exhibiting my continuous single-line portraits of the greatest minds in history; philosophers, authors, poets, scientists and scholars at The Green Door Gallery.

“The human being behind the written word inspires me on a visual level! I paint a lot of Philosophers!  I celebrate Poets, Activists, Feminists, Revolutionaries and Folklorists. Their characters, identities, histories. The nature of their individual natures. The condition of their human condition as they express the complexity of the human condition. These micro-level personal dynamics are undercurrents we engage with deep inside their often meta-level literature. Then, they time travel! We bring these great minds forward from history and apply their ideologies to our thinking, the macro-level application to our everyday lives. Their characters are simultaneously private and public. Private to us as their thoughts inspire our fundamental actions, thus ever contemporary and present tense. Public as deeply foundational to this world which their cultural contributions have already historically shaped. Their portraits are both solid persons, and symbolically thematic. Their image belongs on our walls as they are akin to family that have made us. We relate to them. They form our world, they are our people.” 

Tamar Levi


Friday, March 22, 2019
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Opening drinks reception – please rsvp)

Saturday, March 23, 2019
12:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Saturday opening hours)

Sunday, March 24, 2019
12:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Sunday opening hours)


You know yourself better than anyone else.”

Me an My PDA

FROM THE PUBLISHER: “This beautifully illustrated guide helps young people with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) to understand their diagnosis, develop self-awareness and implement their own personalised problem-solving strategies. Written in consultation with young people with PDA and their families, this book recognises the importance of handing control back to the young person, and that there is no one-size-fits-all PDA profile. Readers are encouraged to engage throughout with interactive writing, doodling and checklist exercises to explore their own particular characteristics, strengths and challenges.

Me and My PDA is sensitively tailored to the needs and experiences of young people (aged 10+) with PDA. The guide is designed to grow with the reader, and can be used for many years as the young person develops and changes – making it invaluable to PDA-diagnosed individuals and their families.”


“Insightful, helpful, encouraging, hopeful and compassionate from beginning to end! Realising that your child may have, or has recently been diagnosed with, ASD with a profile of PDA can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for many parents. But, help is now at hand in the form of this refreshing and unique addition to the current range of PDA literature. I sincerely wish that this book had been available when myself and my daughter first began navigating this most complex of journeys and I can’t recommend it highly enough to those who are now beginning, or struggling in theirs.” – Jane Sherwin, author of ‘Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome: My Daughter is not Naughty’

“I think that one of the best ways to help your PDA child is to support them to gain insight in a nonjudgmental and open way. Helping them communicate this to you helps them feel understood and then empowers you as their advocate. It also helps you as the parent see all those truly wonderful positives about your PDA child. This book provides a wonderful framework for doing that.” – Cassandra Davies, parent of a young person with PDA and member of PDA Action Group Somerset and PDA, Pathological Demand Avoidance Support – Families & Practitioners UK

“It is a sensitive book based on an excellent understanding of PDA, which is probably the hardest form of Autism, and so exhausting for the children, young people and families that it affects. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” – Sarah Wild, Headteacher of Limpsfield Grange

“This book is a very valuable addition to the PDA library. Part self-help guide, part gentle workbook, it’s presented in a really positive, accessible style which most importantly puts the young person with PDA in the driving seat.”- The PDA Society.

“This publication provides a starting point for a conversation with the child about their form of autism and how it is part of their unique personality and profile. The accessible and informative style will provide an invaluable resource to anyone looking to support a child in developing his or her self-awareness” – Phil Christie, Consultant Child Psychologist, author of ‘Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome. A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals’.

Co-authored by Dr. Gloria Dura-Vila and Tamar Levi.
Illustrated by Tamar Levi

You can buy this book directly from Jessica Kingsley Publishing or for deliveries within the UK. For global deliveries you can buy this book from


So far I’ve worked with my graphic novel DELPHI as:

  • a written manuscript; and now,
  • an art performance of a continuous, single line drawn on a very long scroll of paper accompanied by improvised classical music by Eugene Feygelson.

Drawing everything in one line, whether they are continuous line comic books, portraits or landscapes, helps this crippling backtracking to perfectionism because I cannot go backwards. It has to be done in one line. THE RIGHT LINE. Similarly, one difficulty with sharing clips from my solo show: I can now see elements I’d like to change, to tweak, to polish, to perfect further. It’s very difficult to see pictures of me or my artwork or hear my performance without wanting to do it all over again, even better for you. Long story short: here is a very short video for all those loved ones and far away friends who would be here if only they could

Concept, Narration & Art: Tamar Levi
Music: Eugene Feygelson
Video: Vasileios Katsardis
Additional shots: Sandra Hodjic
Location: Clique Art, Brussels, Belgium
Date: September 15, 2018

Now I’m working on scaling it down to publication size. This is meta level stuff, thin line abstract work, to hold a narrative flow in your head and the dynamic of a single line’s movement as you move from page to page. The edge of the page is a looming cliffhanger in itself. It’s a tight-wire kind of challenge thinking about where page breaks should be in order to keep the tension in the narrative. But there’s something magnificent in the simple beauty of the varying thickness of the black line on the white page. A minimalism. A purity. Taking a line for a walk into the air. 

I’m trying to place the movement of the live performance on the page in order to send to publication. My thoughts feel akin to a musician’s now as I make decisions between what magic happened live and what could go on the album for eternity. The shape of Delphi here is different to the posture I chose to illustrate on stage. Which was better? I feel like asking everyone who was in the audience before I commit. To go with the phrase “You were protected”, one shape was more womb-like but this one is more relaxing. Ugh, perfectionism strikes again.


I’ve been writing epic graphic novel DELPHI for 12 years now. Just in time for my next exhibition on Sept 15th 2018, I‘ll finally be able to get on stage to perform the first chapter live in one continuous single line painting.

For the first time ever, in a brave art-meets-music encounter, I’ll be joined on stage by i=U the Improvisation Music Festival’s founder Eugene Feygelson who will accompany my ink with his virtuosic violin. Please put this event in your calendars. I’d love you to be there.

How I broke up with crippling perfectionism: Draw in one continuous line (momentum), accept an audience (accountability), work in a team (the ball pings back & forth). 

Sharing insights in advance of my (terrifyingly ambitious) art performance of my comic book all in one line, on stage, to live classical music.

In addition to my performance I will also be exhibiting some of my continuous single line drawings as well as paintings.

Clique art gallery
Rue de l’eglise 90
1150 Woluwe-Sainte-Pierre