Culture Show Type News Clip

Culture show type news clip for my exhibition #IMMENSITIES: paintings of my travels through Greece & Belgium

Today & the next two weekends 2 – 6pm

Art Base, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles

It was challenging for me to share this video because I’m very details oriented and I don’t think the lighting shared the true colours of the paintings.

Visitors’ Testimonies

Here are some of the lovely things people said about the art yesterday that warmed my heart, or made me smile and will keep me motivated to keep making art for you:

“YES! YES! YES! That is EXACTLY how that place FEELS!”

Huge painting of Naxos Island, Greece
Naxos, Greece 100x100cm (39.3×39.3in)IMMENSITIES Collection 

“I can feel the sun on the back of my neck when I look at this one.”

“Could I buy a print of this one that is already sold? Even though it’s not the original painting, the feeling I get is always authentic.”

“There’s something mystical in your use of light.”

“I feel like I could take many different walks in many different directions through these landscapes.”

“This view is where my partner proposed just a few weeks ago!”

Santorini, Greece Watercolour Painting

“I like that you used unexpected colours.”

“Wonderful paintings – so vibrant, alive and full of feeling!”

“I didn’t expect to see Greece and Belgium with these colours.”

On the Road Through Mani

“Your prices are really accessible, thank you. I couldn’t afford original art otherwise.”

“There’s something in the atmosphere of light between the trees that reminds me of the person I’ve started dating and falling in love with right now.”

Parc du Cinquantenaire or Jubelpark in Autumn, by Tamar Levi

“Very happy to be here.”

“Amazing work.”

“I’ve been on a pedalo in that lake! You should’ve painted me in a boat right there!”

Painting of Étangs Mellaerts in Brussels Belgium

“Thank you for these so personal colorful landscapes.”

“Thank you for this trip into the happiness of art!”

“These paintings are both feminine and masculine.”

Huge landscape painting of Tervuren in the Autumn in Belgium.
Tervuren (Autumn), Belgium 75.5×113.5cm (29.7×44.6in) FRAMED €1200 Buy now. Contact me to discuss art shipment. Shipping costs excluded. 

“Painting on the frames is really unique and exciting.”

“I love all the tree ones. I’m a trees guy.”

“You saw lots of colours in this place, you see a lot of the colours because you’re an artist, but I just see an excellent place for me to ride my motorcycle and have one of my greatest rides.”

“I would arrange them in my home in this way…”

“I need to bring back my wife before I buy because she is the boss.”

“I need to bring back my husband before I buy to check he enjoys it too.”

“I need to bring back my child tomorrow so you can inspire them the way you inspired me.”

The exhibition is on until November 2020.

IMMENSITIES Art Show: Art Base, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles

Last art show for a while?

IMMENSITIES Solo Art Show: Art Base, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles

My mind boggles seeing the culmination of my lifetime painting right here in hard print in one of Europe’s top national newspapers.

I’m trying to be happy and not to worry about the changing nature of arts and culture events during these strange times and the thought this might be my last art show if things change even more.

It’s been a real struggle to get this art show through the pandemic and available to culture lovers.

My next scheduled one was postponed again and the one after that postponed indefinitely…

So tonight might be my first event in a while and my last one for a long, long while.

I’m just letting tonight be what it’s going to be and I hope to see you there!

IMMENSITIES Solo Art Show: Art Base, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles

Another published article about my art! (“Art”-icle?)

I hope I’m countering the negativity that’s always in the news by being in the press with positive paintings that people find uplifting.

Translation to English:

I Feel Like an Art Ambassador to Greece

Greece inspires my art.

Tropical beaches in Europe. Guaranteed good weather. Mountains, special architecture and sea. Greece is so beautiful.

My art inspires people to visit it.

I hosted a collector of works of art from Northern Europe at a private presentation of my exhibition, and while they were planning to buy a painting from Belgium, they ended up buying a painting from Greece! They then told me that the location I had painted – Naxos Island in particular – has become their first priority for their next vacation. This makes me proud of the beauty of my “adopted” country. It makes me feel like an art ambassador for Greece.

Previewing art on walls
Tamar Levi’s painting of Naxos Island, imagined from beyond the Temple of Aphrodite, Greece, 2020, IMMENSITIES Collection

In addition to beauty

The paintings are not intended to be just aesthetically pleasing, there is still underlying philosophy, mythology, the cultural context.

My painting of Cape Tainaro changes, you might reflect on it more peacefully, when you know it is the mythological gateway to the underworld.

Cape Tenaro, Cape Matapan, Mani, Greece
Tamar Levi’s Painting of Cape Tenaro, Cape Tainaro, Cape Matapan, Mani, Greece, 2020, IMMENSITIES Collection

The Temple of Sounion of Poseidon seems more impressively ancient when you feel young compared to the age of the architecture.

Temple at Sounio
Tamar Levi’s Painting of the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio, Greece, 2020, IMMENSITIES Collection

The view of Meteora is a unique mix of cultural heritage and ancient geology.

Painting of Meteora, Greece
Tamar Levi’s Painting of Meteora, Greece, 2020, IMMENSITIES Collection

My motivation is that I miss Greece

I named my exhibition IMMENSITIES. This is a collection of great landscapes of Greece and Belgium. Although my life between Greece and Belgium is a “permanent journey,” the boundaries are missing from this collection.

The art collector who came to buy a painting about Belgium, but ended up buying a painting from Greece, taught me that although there is a very personal journey for me here, with the presence of these two countries in my life, and my response, in terms of their beauty, as an aesthetic experience. And yet, even though the collector cannot travel outside the “Red Zone” of Belgium at the moment, they were inspired to visit Naxos. How much I miss Greece was “translated” through art as a source of inspiration into their enthusiasm to visit it.

The collection is presented in an exhibition entitled IMMENSITIES at the Art Base gallery in Brussels from 24 September 2020.

* Tamar Levi is a painter and author of children’s books She grew up in Alaska, lives in Belgium and has “married” into Greece – See more at

Artist Tamar Levi in the press promoting Greece through her paintings.