Art Scrolls for Kids to Colour

While producing this children’s theatre play all in one line, I need to illustrate the whole show in order to rehearse with a live musician and actors who perform the story in French.

Every time they need to rehearse I have to complete a massive long continuous line illustration. These draft performance scrolls are gifted to people who come to an atelier, schools where we do workshops, families in the audience, and the dear children of dear friends.

If they’re very well made, I’ve even sold a handful as tapestry style children’s bedroom decor.

My favourite thing in the universe is when I get sent photos of the kids colouring them in, and often illustrating their own imagination in between my scenes, making them even better than I could ever imagine.

Children colours in my original artwork







Delphi in Schools

Did we ever share these images from our theatre/music and art workshop in a local school back in March?

Update: different combinations of the production team have had a performance for TEDx, residencies in two theatres, an art gallery, a cultural centre and a school so far and it’s only been an actor, an actress, me and a flute or violin player. It’s been performed in English and we’ve just finished the French translation. The school workshop was incredible. Look at my smile when the kid tries the continuous line style himself!

If you’d like us to visit your kid’s school, let us know 🙂

We’re also discussing adding a choreographer, a digital animator and some traditional drums. If you know anyone who dances or does digital animation or loves drums, or all three, let me know!

Theatre Production Title:


Production Company:

Kaleidoscope asbl

Music by

Kalliopi Bolovinou

French Performance by

Olivier Francart

Photos and Videos by

Vasilis Katsardis

Illustration Style:


Coming to a theatre near you!

Look at us being paid to do what we are the best at doing… our art!

Generously funded by «Un Futur Pour La Culture» at the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, my manuscript and continuous line illustrations for this children’s theatre play called DELPHI and our packed multidisciplinary application scaffolded by all of Kalliopi Bolovinou’s musical theatre experience, linguistic skill and wisdom

has been lauded by the panel of judges as “among the best ranked.”

Then the Kaleidoscope production team paired us up with such an incredible human, who also turns out to be a fantastic actor: Olivier Francart will be joining us in a theatre, art & music workshop on stage at Ecole No 8, Avenue du Bois de la Cambre, (Uccle) this Friday.

Then again on stage at Columban Theatre (Wavre) 20-24 June.

Hopefully with actress Cecile Delberghe too.

We already workshopped at the gorgeous Théâtre Mercelis (look at the frescos!) until covid knocked us out.

But then PointCulture swooped in, offered us offices and the SACD Author’s Rights granted access to their co-working spaces…

So here we are, developing what we do best, with theatres and office spaces and actors, and the rough date for the next residency in Brussels is…(drum roll please)… The Senghor theatre in November!

To all those asking me when the final show will be: Spring 2023 is the official answer, The Senghor will have the 2022-23 program finalised in May and only then we will know the exact dates, that’s the way it goes in theatre, apparently.

Let’s just celebrate for now; quality children’s theatre is back on track!



Kalliopi Bolovinou



Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles/Officiel


Kaleidoscope asbl

Olivier Francart



CĂ©cile Delberghe

Théâtre Mercelis

Théâtre Mercelis

Alicia Motta Mower


PointCulture Bruxelles






A-typical Associations with the Sea

Images that come to mind when I’m about to illustrate the sea for the next publishing project:

Hokusai waves

vs labial formations,

whorls like maze like brain,

albatross as ba birds,

this beak from The Book of Kells,

Escher’s fish to birds,

Barbara Lavallee’s happy puffins,

those dolphin frescos in Knossos,

and the white horses of Neptune of course.

Same as everyone else, right?