Explaining the arts during a pandemic to a 4 year old

“Mummy, will you perform in a museum? “

“It was meant to be in the Museum of Belgium, but NOW it will be in a theatre.”

“How many people are going to clap?”

“There will be millions watching online, they might smile not clap, but only a few in the theatre, to keep everyone safe.”

“How many chairs are there?”

“250 tickets were sold then returned. Now only tech crew will be watching in the theatre. Everyone else in the world can watch on their screens.”

“So…. the theatre is 250 bigger than us!” (She throws her arms wide.)

“Yes, that’s exactly how big the theatre is.”

[Illustration of our stage plan]

《Please excuse my French》


Oct 19th: Freedom in Flexibility?

Working here on #TEDx with an awesome bunch of people just like me: positive-thinking perfectionists, and it feels like a family. Due to the pandemic, the whole thing has changed locations a handful of times, tickets have been restricted/ returned, and every 3 seconds we wonder if it will even happen. Weirdly, all the uncertainty has an upside: I don’t feel so stressed! I feel just as invested in the quality of my work as I always do, but less invested in whether the event happens exactly the way expected or not. Is there a word for “I have no hope, I have no fear, I am free”?

The TEDx stage is set!

Can’t wait to perform for you tonight and share it thanks to the visuals+livestream team Iris Haidău & Arno Partissimo

Thanks to every single person making this live stream possible! Can’t wait to share it with friends & family TONIGHT!

And the greatest gratitude to the host angels at La Tricoterie for the last minute venue after the pandemic switched us all around from conference hall to museum to events space to this grand stage… see you from the stage through their cameras to the comfort of your home—tonight!

Progress behind the scenes

We are happy with the pen’s ink, with the music chosen to inspire, with the quality of the chosen paper, with the quality of the chosen ink’s friction on the chosen paper, with the illustrations chosen to map onto the story, with the way my voice does the storytelling, with the way the music we chose goes with the emotion of the story telling, with the choice of using both alto flute and flute, with our idea of what positions might work on stage, we are happy with the entertainment/engagement levels of the philosophical and pedagogical themes, we are now mapping our reading + drawing onto the timing of the music in advance of our first stage rehearsal for TEDx on Thursday.

promo code TEDXULB2020 on tickets
Maison Du Bois, Vrijwilligerslaan 2, 1040 Etterbeek on OCT 22nd.
@tedxulb ULB