What to do with a lined face?

What to do with lines on my body? Make continuous line art, of course! The trailer is here, we are working on the full theatre performance.

Oct 19th: Freedom in Flexibility?

Changes in art event management due to the pandemic make everything more flexible and covid compliant.

slow your mind

Slow your mind, a motto found from rehearsal between illustrator Tamar Levi and flautist Kalliope Bolovinou

DELPHI: A Graphic Novel All in One Line

Artist Tamar Levi will be performing the trailer to her graphic novel DELPHI all in one line on the TEDx stage with flautist Kalliopi Bolovinou.

My Solo Art Show for the European Parliament’s Feminist Forum

A quick video, just a minute from my speech at the European Parliament’s Feminist Forum with reactions & testimonies from viewers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNNAnRnvRpI Below you can find the text from the short video and credit to all the people involved. Tamar Levi – Artist: You know who these women are! Somebody cooked your meals Somebody wipedContinue reading “My Solo Art Show for the European Parliament’s Feminist Forum”